Gordonsville VA, Set One

There will probably be more (and some in color hopefully as well). Here’s a few I played with tonight.


Culpeper VA Shots, Set One

I did a little more travelling today and shot Culpeper and Orange (both in Virginia). So there’s a few more galleries on the way, here’s a few shots from Culpeper. One’s a church gate, one’s a display in a storefront window, and the third (in color and black and white) is of some storefronts on a street with a few shoppers on the sidewalk.

If the wanderlust ever leaves my system for a day or so I may actually get through the backlog and post everything; as it is I just find myself compelled to hit the highway.

In good news people are actually showing up in my photographs and I’m getting the hang of urban photography. Apart from that I am considering moving in a few new directions (I’ll still be doing old subject matter- i.e., nature and night photography) and I’ll post an update with details on that in a bit, probably no later than tomorrow sometime.

Governor’s Mansion, Colonial Williamsburg VA

While I’m not sleeping, here’s another shot from the Williamsburg trip of, obviously, the Governor’s Mansion. Ironically I think it’s the only good shot I got of the building, which is odd because it’s all scenic and stuff.

Again there are more coming from Gloucester and Williamsburg as I get around to touching them up.

Also thanks to everyone who’s stopped in and liked something, and I’ll try to make the rounds of your sites as well when I’m not in zombie mode. Sorry. I zombie a lot.