More Faux Old Photography and Oddities

So basically both my sites have been dead for a while, but I did finish the novel- at least to the point of needing just outside editing and cover art. While that’s getting lined up and happening, I might do some photoblogging here for a bit so I can get back in the swing of things.

Above is an old old Maymont shot that I ran through a few filters real quick to get that fake sepia feel to it.

Basically the new site is going to have portfolios and galleries; this one is going to be sporadic blogging on no schedule whatsoever, and maybe if I ever have money, I’ll pay to get the ads removed here (doubtful). But for anyone who’s interested in novels, etc., I’ll post here when I put them up there… etc., etc… okay, you may return to more fanciful entertainments on your cell phones now.


Old Maymont Shot, New Filter Experiment

Mind you when you look at the well, imperfect middle one, that this was an experiment.

So I’m sitting here in the Sunday morning post-midnight world with my desktop and RAW files and I picked up an old D50 shot (on the left) and started screwing around with Color Efex filters (part of the Nik Collection; if you have Photoshop and don’t have it installed, go get it, should be free on Google Play).

The one I stopped on was Detail Extractor. Now that middle one’s been through Camera RAW already, so the color and a few other things are altered by those filters already, but if you jump to the final one, I did that without Camera RAW and yielded a much nicer, more natural looking result.

The two latter images compared to the first one literally do have the details jumping out at you- the filter pulls up and enhances stuff that the sensor muddied up. The details stand out and are enhanced. Go figure, I suppose.

It’s always nice when something does exactly what it claims it’s going to do. Especially on a computer. Anyway I’m all excited and sharing it with the internet because I learned something useful and have another filter semi-learned.

Oh, that’s a shot of the Maymont Park Japanese Gardens in Richmond VA, by the way.