Happy Beltane

…well, whenever the sun sets tonight wherever you are to whenever it sets on May 1st. Here’s your informative Wikipedia link: Beltane.

I was gonna take the week off of touching old photos and Photoshop but just because it’s Beltane/May Day here’s a summer nature photo from like 2010 or something insane like that. I still can’t believe I survived the 2012 apocalypse.

It’s kinda heavily touched up but whatever. Enjoy it, I may not bombard your inboxes for a little while because like, I need a break from postprocessing and sorting.


Ruin, Except with Color

So I decided a long time ago this shot could never work in color (and likewise, made a good initial monochrome image; the one in the previous post is the newest version of that monochrome shot), but I saved the RAW file.

This is that same image touched up in Camera RAW, except it’s not monochrome (which uhh you might’ve noticed). I think I made it work. Hooray experience and gained expertise. I don’t think I could’ve pulled that off in like January 2015 when I took the shot.