RVA Panorama

Well, it’s more like two and a half photos stitched together rather than three after I cropped it, but it’s still a panorama.

This is why you should never, never have no filing system for your work. I’m literally at 2014 in sorting through my files in terms of what’s worth keeping and what’s not (for perspective, I started doing digital photography around 2008), and somehow this panorama found itself saved in a directory with Bryan Park’s azalea gardens. Workflow’s important, children.  Also learn Adobe Lightroom, the sooner the better.


Church Hill at Night (2012)

Not the greatest of shots, but I can blame this on my old camera (the D50) and lack of technical knowhow at the time. The shot is from 2012, I think it’s 25th street near Broad street if memory serves, and I only spotted it because I’m organizing my photos from 2008 onwards for the new webpage.

Yep, shocking, actually working towards my goals here. Might have proper portfolios and galleries appearing again sometime soon.


St. Augustine, Old Town, Street Shot

Here’s an old (and very cleaned up) shot of the streets of Old Town in St. Augustine. Exactly the sort of thing I never do- urban streets by daylight with people in the picture.

I’m going to make an effort to do more stuff like this in the future because I need to get humans into my photography at some point, and it’s an area of photography I have yet to seriously explore. So after I read the damn legal jargon (hopefully this shot is fine) in my handbook maybe there’ll be more stuff like this.