Wandered Off (Have a Zen looking tree)

Well, for now at least, this site is going dead. I’ve moved to http://adamshurte.com, which I’ve decided to make into a static site with galleries and portfolios, as well as my writing (currently there’s just photography but I expect that to change in the next few weeks).

Since I’m doing things differently, here’s how it works: I update it as work gets completed and appropriate for display online, then I schedule all that for the next Sunday, and you get an update in the news feed. The main differences are that writing will be showing up (essays, stories, novels, possibly poetry eventually- probably a mix of free and not-free items), and there is no blog at the moment.

I’m looking at alternatives to WordPress that would allow me to have two blogs and a general news feed, as well as a better organized site, but until that’s figured out, no more blogging. There’ll be a solitary news post labelled “Updates for (date)” with a list of whatever’s gotten done, and links to new material. Sadly if I blog photographs (individual or gallery) I just spend too much time worrying about all that and it’s hard to keep the site and my PC’s archive sorted in any reasonable fashion.

What I might do is a flickr feed of new photographs instead, but that’s up in the air.

So, I’m using WordPress for now, will probably get something a little more powerful later on, and this is probably it for posting here. Thanks for viewing my work, following the site, and liking things I’ve put up here. Might not seem that way but it’s a lot easier to keep going even if just a handful of people click those silly “like” and “follow” buttons.

The new site, again, is at http://adamshurte.com. Thanks, and enjoy the tree from off of Skyline Drive.

off I go…


Site Relocated

Okay, so I’ve opened the new webpage, and it’s located at http://adamshurte.com. You know, no advertisements, different layout, and you can actually type in the URL without screaming if you’re using a cell phone/can’t touch type.

Basically the posting schedule is every Sunday before 6 PM EST; expect the sort of things you’ve seen here as well as any writing I manage to complete and post. I’m trying to make the static part of the site the focus more than blogging, but there’ll still be galleries and images showing up in the news feed most Sundays.

The downside is this site’s pretty much going dormant; I’ll probably leave the content that’s currently on it up for a week or so then I might just leave a general “I have moved” notice here with the URL and everything changed.

So anyway go check it out.


Posting Schedule

In light of the fact that I’m using the internet in an unhealthy manner, I’m going to stick to a Sunday evening posting schedule; at 6PM every Sunday evening (EST) I’ll basically post any galleries or individual shots I’ve completed during the previous week.

And, just to reiterate, apart from that I will be moving to the new servers soon; I want that done by the end of the month. Shouldn’t be too big of a change, but you’ll have to resubscribe to the new site if you’re subscribed here. The major change on your end will be no advertisements, and I’ll also be hosting any writing I complete (I’m editing a novel right now among other things) there. Oh, as probably mentioned, the URL won’t be ludicrously long anymore.

So don’t expect anything til next Sunday and there might be a lot on any given Sunday or a little depending on what happens.

Updates, Relocating Soon

Here’s a few things:

I’ve started a flickr.com account located here and uploaded one photo to it. In the future I’ll be experimenting with that site and see what happens.

Additionally I’m thinking next month is when I’ll purchase server space and set up my new site under a better URL without advertisements. It’s going to be a writing and photography (artist’s) page, though I think initially just photography (still finishing up the novel, but there will be that novel published and any others I write there as well) will show up. There will likely be things like links to relevant vendors you can buy books and prints from as I publish and post stuff.

Once that’s done I may or may not abandon this site here. The new one’ll probably be wordpress too so if you’re subscribed you should be able to just resubscribe to the new one. Worst case scenario there’ll be one post linking to the new page and a brief about section. Anyway I registered the myname.com URL a ways back and it’s a lot shorter and easier to remember than firstnamemiddleinitiallastnamephotography.wordpress.com so hopefully that will make everyone concerned happy.

In the meantime I’ll still be posting here as I get stuff done, and any future updates will show here as well.

Some New Directions

To date I’ve largely been doing photography in two areas- after dark urban photography, and nature photography ranging from wildlife to landscapes.

I’ve decided to branch out and focus on doing travel and street photography, which encompasses both of those and more. Likewise I’ve been hitting towns in well, middle of nowhere Virginia that are close enough to not be much of a gasoline expenditure getting there. I’ve been slowly introducing less scenic imagery, including things like modern technology and, well, people.

I also plan on at least learning the basics of portrait photography so I can photograph people I encounter, once I get over annoying levels of social anxiety- which, again, falls under the umbrella of travel and street photography.

Now, apart from that, I’ve also decided to do photo essays on locations I go to and some other journalistic work, or at least more journalistic work. A lot of it is I travel through these towns that are basically falling apart and they’re interesting on a number of levels. Also a lot of depressing trends tend to appear, but suffice it to say if you go forty miles off the Interstate corridor you’re on another planet…

And, finally, I might do some tutorials and craft essays again; an older incarnation of this site had a few of each I think and I figure it might be worthwhile to do that again here.

In short I’ll be focussing on travel/street photography and throwing in a little portrait work and journalism, and I’ll do craft essays and the odd tutorial. So I’ll still be doing the stuff I’ve always done, just additional things thrown in. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it or find it useful.

Brief Aside…

Looking over the last Poor Farm Park set (I shot it in the late afternoon so lighting was poor) and the shots from Fossil Beach at York River State Park (shot in early afternoon but the sun was on the other side of the cliff, leaving the beach in shade), I had really poor lighting to work with.

So I may or may not post those photos; in both cases they’ll require heavy editing if I mess with them. Other than light which is extremely important the first set was also blurry (thanks to the light) and noisy (thanks to cranked ISO). Basically it may be a bit before I do another set but if I can get them decent looking I’ll post them. Beyond than that I’ll be out and about as usual; I’m going to try to go for at least a gallery a week or something.

Returning to Blogging

It’s been a few months, but I’ve decided to return to photoblogging (as well as regularly practicing photography). So in probably a few days at most you can expect me to start posting again.

Additionally I’m seriously looking at learning to go backpacking (picking up some more random skills related to living out of doors) and conditioning myself as appropriate to this so I can go on longer hiking trips and take photos of a variety of areas further afield. Basically it’s a matter of getting some money together for gear, hiking with weight for a few weeks/months to train my body, then just going places.

Other than that I’m horridly rusty and have realized if I take multi-month breaks in between productive work things fall apart and I have to pick up almost back where I started, so I’m going to try and be out and about with the camera most days from here on out, weather permitting.

In other words expect lots of photos in the near future.

Fine Art America Site Up

There are currently twenty-one prints available for sale; 2 in black and white, 1 in photo edit, 8 in night, and 10 in nature. I just built the site last night and have to convert files and upload them, which may happen before you know it.

I am debating purchasing additional space to upload additional photographs, but those are up now; mostly portfolio shots, to be honest.

You can visit my Fine Art America profile here.

Site Status

I’ve gone ahead and deleted the news feed and converted this to a static site, and I will be leaving it online while updating it unless I need to do a major overhaul. The next major move will be to set up a shop with Fine Art America, and possibly some more galleries. There’s no timeline for any of this as I’ve got to get an EIN and whatever else needs to be done to set up shop in VA, then I have to jump through special hoops to report earnings to Social Security.

I’m still sticking to the no new photography for a while, so the camera’s mothballed and don’t expect anything but my old stuff to show up indefinitely. Down the road when I’m back on my feet again I’ll resume taking photographs.