More Faux Old Photography and Oddities

So basically both my sites have been dead for a while, but I did finish the novel- at least to the point of needing just outside editing and cover art. While that’s getting lined up and happening, I might do some photoblogging here for a bit so I can get back in the swing of things.

Above is an old old Maymont shot that I ran through a few filters real quick to get that fake sepia feel to it.

Basically the new site is going to have portfolios and galleries; this one is going to be sporadic blogging on no schedule whatsoever, and maybe if I ever have money, I’ll pay to get the ads removed here (doubtful). But for anyone who’s interested in novels, etc., I’ll post here when I put them up there… etc., etc… okay, you may return to more fanciful entertainments on your cell phones now.


Haven Beach, Matthews County VA

So here’s the latest gallery from Matthews County; just a short walk up and down Haven Beach in the mid to late afternoon.

This will probably be the last photo set I post here, on the free WordPress servers; when it’s ready, i.e., next Sunday at the latest, I’ll put a link to the new site and a brief announcement. I am not sure how long I’ll leave this site up and running; it’ll probably just have everything stripped of it and a single post redirecting everyone to the new one.

In bad news I might’ve messed up my car a little doing something stupid (pulled off the road way too fast and the brakes started acting funny) so I’ll probably be holed up organizing my existing work to date to put on the new site as well as working on a few writing projects (which the new site will also cover in the future) until that gets sorted out.

The new site is using WordPress as its CMS, so there should be someway or another to follow it. Anyway, that covers it til next Sunday.