More Faux Old Photography and Oddities

So basically both my sites have been dead for a while, but I did finish the novel- at least to the point of needing just outside editing and cover art. While that’s getting lined up and happening, I might do some photoblogging here for a bit so I can get back in the swing of things.

Above is an old old Maymont shot that I ran through a few filters real quick to get that fake sepia feel to it.

Basically the new site is going to have portfolios and galleries; this one is going to be sporadic blogging on no schedule whatsoever, and maybe if I ever have money, I’ll pay to get the ads removed here (doubtful). But for anyone who’s interested in novels, etc., I’ll post here when I put them up there… etc., etc… okay, you may return to more fanciful entertainments on your cell phones now.