Happy Beltane

…well, whenever the sun sets tonight wherever you are to whenever it sets on May 1st. Here’s your informative Wikipedia link: Beltane.

I was gonna take the week off of touching old photos and Photoshop but just because it’s Beltane/May Day here’s a summer nature photo from like 2010 or something insane like that. I still can’t believe I survived the 2012 apocalypse.

It’s kinda heavily touched up but whatever. Enjoy it, I may not bombard your inboxes for a little while because like, I need a break from postprocessing and sorting.


So Very Dark In Here

Two more shots to be added to the Gloom galleries. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the Gloom section is here or in the main menu. Or you can just look at them here, on this post, if you’ve already seen that, because they’re shuffled in at random there…

Too many happy flowers today, so I went ahead and made some sad and darkened winter trees for you to be depressed over.