Welcome to my (old) photography site. I’m a writer and photographer out of the Richmond VA area.

This site has moved to http://adamshurte.com. It’s a static site for now; updates if any get mentioned every Sunday evening.

-Adam Shurte

Everything’s Copyright 2015-2017, Adam Shurte, all rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I want to be a photaghrapher so bad, but unfortunatly I dont have the resources, and your pictures are beautiful, every single one of them tells me a story, I hope someday to be just as good.
    great job, you are very talented 🙂

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the compliment! I’m sorry to hear you don’t have the resources to pursue photography, though I’ll mention you don’t really need a top of the line set of equipment to get started. I’ve heard people who do it for a living (I don’t yet) say the same thing, and some of the photos I’ve actually shot with a cell phone, though most of them used a 28-80mm lens which is (relatively speaking, I guess) cheaper.

      1. oh your very welcome, its the truth:)
        really, i alwayse thought I had to have one of those professional cameras to get good quality photos, annyway where were when you took those pictures they were briliant, and so riviting.

  2. I think high quality cameras help to a small extent but it’s more important to have good composition (i.e., fine arts rules of what makes it good) in your pictures. Almost all of these were shot in the Richmond, Virginia area with a few exceptions (the St. Augustine FL ones, for example). Lately I’ve been learning to touch them up with Photoshop Elements, but for the most part they’re as they were taken. I generally spend some effort not letting anything artificial intrude on the nature landscapes. Thanks again for the compliment.

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