Poor Farm Park Shot (Color and B&W)

Still rusty, which is worrisome; lighting changed rapidly what with shifting cloud cover and the sun rising constantly, so I had to change the ISO like every other shot. End result is tolerable photography but with a little blurriness at maximum resolution (perfectly sharp at under 100%, but usually I do way better than that).

I think I’m gonna have to go back to shooting in broad daylight for a bit until I’ve got the hang of it again. Anyway apart from the upcoming Wetlands shots there’ll be more from Poor Farm Park from today as I get to them. Can’t say any were extraordinary compared to my work to date, although come to think of it I will say I’ve had some sort of lithium sickness going on and making me miserable all night/day which might explain all of the above.

I have decided to start taking things seriously again, which means practicing most days if at all possible and hitting the books. Fortunately I’ve got a stack of them that were collecting dust on the shelf.

Anyway I’ll post again as more stuff gets completed or when I finally get a set that isn’t frustrating me together.


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