Vanishing Act

Okay, so I’m gonna disappear for (probably) a few weeks or months. I will be back eventually.

What’s happened is I’ve totally neglected (and would like to return to) my writing. That would mean mostly fiction but some poetry and non-fiction as well. So the camera is getting packed away for a bit, save any odd moment where I take a break from that to shoot things. I’ll probably not be looking at the reader or any photo blogs during that time either.

Expect nothing until further notice. I just figured it’d be nice to warn the lot of you before vanishing this time. Anyway, til later.

Vanishing Act

Catching Up

So I finally went around and checked out other people’s work (clicked the Reader button for the first time in an eternity) and it’s all very inspiring. I am simultaneously wanting to quit for good because there are much better photographers out there and motivated to try a lot harder to improve my skill with the camera.

I’m probably never going to get caught up on everything from the last time I checked buuuut I’ll try and stay on top of it in the future. And again, thanks to anyone who’s stopped in and liked my work as well.


First Forest Temple Shots Uploaded

Apparently I can’t quit playing around in Photoshop, so here’s the first set of photos for the Forest Temple project.

Like the Gloom project, I’ll be adding to it, both from my archive and from any new sets of photos I take as I find them suitable and usable. Unlike portfolios which have to be something like 10-25 shots of your best work showcasing the various areas you focus on, I can make multiple pages and keep adding to them. Which is what’s going to happen.

I think for both (and any new) themed projects, I’ll do a little write-up statement for them. Later. Anyway there’s the two portfolios and now the two projects up, and both of the latter will be growing over time.

First Forest Temple Shots Uploaded