Just a Note…

In very good news I got my new glasses today (the old pair was ancient and probably predated the 2012 apocalypse that- wait a minute…), and the world is no longer blurry. It’s also slightly polarized.

That means I can actually do night photography again (I haven’t driven at night in ages/months due to the glare problem with my old glasses- literally headlight glare with the glasses on was flooding my field of view and blinding me, so I just stopped doing that), rely less on the green dot in the viewfinder for sharpness, and actually see what I’m doing in Photoshop. I’m currently shocked that I was ever able to make anything that didn’t look like a blurry mess with the destroyed glasses, but somehow I managed.

Also I can read without difficulty when it comes to focusing. So I can finally get back to reading through all these craft books and manuals I’ve picked up recently and learn new tricks.

So hopefully I’ll be able to improve my output now.


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