Some Notes…

Just a few site news type things…no image, and fair warning, the following will bore you to tears unless you’re super interested in what I’m up to.

First: File sorting is done, and I’m halfway (at least) through the renaming of the fine arts RAW files I’m keeping. That basically means I finished renaming all the D50 files barring the volunteer work and personal photos (which don’t belong here anyway).

For me that is a huge relief, and I wound up keeping around 500 of 15,000 shots. Of those I’m sure I won’t be needing/messing with all of them, so we’ll guess and say I kept 1 in 30 of my shots on what turned out to be a training camera for the next incarnation of this site. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the ones I cherry picked from that mass of files; there’s a lot more than I’d expect to think of as worth keeping and they’re much higher in terms of quality.Also they’re not hidden in a stack of 15,000 files anymore.

Second: I started, and got eight pages into brainstorming, notes, and paragraphs on a range of topics for what I’m hoping, if it ever gets finished (most of my writing projects go up in smoke halfway to completion) will be an excellent book for beginners who want to take up photography as an artform.

By that I mean fine arts, not journalism or commerical work. It’ll be a collection of essays. Depending on the length of the completed thing (and this is up in the air) it could go the route of the $1 kindle single or up to $3-5 if I go into rambling professor mode. I’m trying to shoot for brevity- something a high school student could afford and get started with that wouldn’t escape their attention span.No idea if or when that’ll be done, but the target audience would be beginners who are serious about the craft of photography, regardless of age, and hopefully for those with a DSLR who want to learn to make art with it. I’m hoping to include stuff you won’t hear elsewhere

And Third: Thanks to everyone who’s following the site or liking the photos via clicking (or anyone who enjoys viewing the site regardless of following or liking it). Once I get this sorting business straightened out I’ll go ahead and try and get caught up on your blogs, etc., and therefore be able to click like and follow and enjoy without doing either too.


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