Ruin (James River, Somewhere or Other)

Here’s some rubble on the shores of the James, cause Richmond has history or something. I’ve done like five or six versions of this in black and white and this is my favorite so far.

And now, for site news.

In the good news, I should be finished with the D50 section of the archive; the D5500 section’s only covering 2016-2017. I think out of 15,000 or so photos in there I’ll be keeping a grand total of roughly 500, and that might get split in half in terms of images that are good enough for making prints with and going online at the uh, more serious and less informal webpage I need to build next. That’s basically how many survived the thumbs up/down vote, the ones I think I can use/clean up/make decent photo edits with at least.  About one in thirty shots I took with that camera, in other words. There’s probably a craft essay I’ll be writing about that soon. Actually I’ll just commit to writing some essays for beginners, not that I’m an expert, but whatever. So that’s also good news.

In the bad news, I probably have to act like an adult on the internet when I set up the professional page, which I detest, because nobody should have to act like an adult on the internet. Or something. That might mean bulldozing the blog. I have no idea what I’m giong to do with this little squat on WordPress’s severs, but I may have to politely redirect traffic to the other site somehow and let it turn into another slice of the internet’s fossil record of dead sites. Sorry. I might update it occasionally too, or pay to get the ads knocked off and leave it as a really informal blog, and I might not.

Either way that’s could be a few weeks or months down the road and maintaining this site is a weird hobby still. I’ll still be posting random samples of old works redone and new works here sporadically.



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