Autumn Scene With Boring Commentary

Fun with Photoshop (or why using RAW images is awesome).

The first shot is the .NEF file; that’s Nikon’s RAW image format. It’s basically the digital analogue to the film we had to wrangle with as young’uns back when everything wasn’t better because it never gets better. I mean technology improves, hence the modern DSLR cameras, but I’ll just stop there.

The second shot is touched up pretty much with the Camera RAW program. I can’t remember if I ran another filter from through it but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. That’s how powerful the RAW filters are; it probably took five minutes playing around with global (whole picture) edits to get it that way.

Following up on the third, I used the fog filter I”m obsessed with and enjoying far too much. Then for the fourth shot, I went back to the original, faded the colors in Camera RAW, and put the same fog filter over it. For the final shot I just made it black and white and did some global edits through the contrast, brightness, and structure tools.

Anyway I played with this photo way too much today and had like five versions of it by the time I was finished and just wanted the world to know that Photoshop has officially eaten my soul. I kinda wanted anyone bored enough to be reading to note how useful and powerful that program is. Please, buy your kids Photoshop that we may all be chained together forever while Adobe slowly feasts on our innate life force, chi, or whatever it is that’s keeping you animated and reading this thing.

So many pretty pictures, so little time…

[edit: someone remind me to not write when I’m exhausted. Fixed a few sentences up.]


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