A Thank You and Notes on Toil

First off, thanks to everyone who’s liking/enjoying my photos. As I’ve said a million times before it helps me stay motivated.

Second, my god, but if you don’t come up with a good organization system in advance you will hate your life later. No idea how many photos I’m sorting through, but this is maddening (I’m almost done with 2015’s photos, which is to say almost done with the D50’s photos- that being my ancient 6 megapixel camera. The newer D5500 is like 24 megapixels or something…). I literally force myself to pick out the good ones for about 15-30 minutes til I want to scream and then I stop, wait a while, and start over where I left off.

And this is just the groundwork for my fine arts type work. I’ve also got journalistic work from volunteering with NAMI, personal photos, and any future commercial work to sort out. Also, while I’m making unsolicited suggestions, might I also recommend you learn Lightroom, if you’re a budding photographer? I get to do that after I sort in a more manual fashion so I can get the website up and running…

In the good news after this is done picking images for portfolios is going to be way easier. Okay, enough whining, I doubt I’ll post any images tonight, but you never know. My eyes are probably going to fall out of my skull shortly, in case you were wondering why.

Oh, I’m thinking of doing some craft essays or tutorials but that’s up in the air for now.


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