Happy Beltane

…well, whenever the sun sets tonight wherever you are to whenever it sets on May 1st. Here’s your informative Wikipedia link: Beltane.

I was gonna take the week off of touching old photos and Photoshop but just because it’s Beltane/May Day here’s a summer nature photo from like 2010 or something insane like that. I still can’t believe I survived the 2012 apocalypse.

It’s kinda heavily touched up but whatever. Enjoy it, I may not bombard your inboxes for a little while because like, I need a break from postprocessing and sorting.


Night Portfolio Now Completed

Okay, so two of the three portfolios are available via the menu, the Nature and Night ones.

The Monochrome one is going to be a while because I really need to stop staring Photoshop to death, so I’ll probably be taking a break from posting in general for a bit. As for the Photo Edit one that’s off in the aether somewhere. Maybe it’ll return someday. I’m willing to bet I get the Forest Temple gallery (probably galleries) together before I start trying to make a photo edit portfolio.

But here’s the links to the two new portfolios (also in the main menu):

Night Portfolio
Nature Portfolio

Night Portfolio Now Completed

Maymont Shot (Before and After Photoshop)

Another Maymont shot. This one was really over-exposed initially. Kinda shows how powerful the Camera RAW editor is and how much data gets stored in those .NEF (or whatever your file format is) files. but it’s really better to get a good exposure first. Except that I find post-processing really fun and challenging so I don’t mind being semi lazy. Either way it’s a good shot, except up in the trees above the waterfall where it’s washed out and the blue sky’s acting funny.

Still working on the portfolios, but they’ll be up sometime soon.


New Nature Portfolio Posted

I’ve finished the first of the three portfolios I’m planning on doing, the Nature Portfolio. Next will be the Night Portfolio and after that the Monochrome Portfolio. There may be a photo edit portfolio too, but it’s on the back burner.

You can view it in the main menu, or by clicking this link here.

Basically it’s 20 shots. It was a nightmare picking them out, which means I’ve got another two nightmares ahead of me.

On the other hand, it gave me an idea for another project that might show up. If I go ahead and follow through, I’m going to go ahead and call it Forest Temple and put many of my millions of nice forest shots in one place. A lot of them were portfolio worthy and just didn’t get put in there because the idea is 10-25 that represent the range of what I’ve done to date. We’ll see if I get around to doing that anytime soon; for now I want the portfolios ready ASAP.


New Nature Portfolio Posted

Blossom (and an update)

Basically I just finished renaming the photos that I think are worthwhile in my archive (all 831 of them). So I can go back out with the camera without feeling (as) guilty about workflow habits. I’m actually in a place where I’ve got an organizational system assembling itself.

In terms of further organization, etc., I’m going to create galleries and portfolios from that set. 831 sounds like a lot to go through but it’s not whatever I had before (try 15-20,000 shots total). Plus of those 831 I don’t think all of them are going to make the second cut, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve got to go ahead and retouch them all up, and some of them I’m sure I won’t even bother with after looking at them.

So there’s steady progress towards things I’ve been putting off for ages finally. And I’ll be going out with the camera again to get more shots. Okay, that’s it for now.