AWOL Status

So here’s how it goes:

Still trying to study, find new local subject matter to shoot, and so on. I would just do the hike in a park and shoot pretty landscapes thing but I’ve done that to death. In other words I haven’t lost the urge to do photography, I’m just trying to get my ducks in a row. Hopefully I’ll have some new photos up next week at latest (and if it takes THAT long, I’ll just do the photos in the park shit again anyway).

I have decided to focus a little more on the main website because that kinda is holding me back. Getting it done by January would be nice, but standing in the way is a lot of programming know-how: HTML, CSS, and Javascript at minimum; probably Python and more to get it the way that I want it to be. Also standing in the way? Organizing all my damn photos to date; that was a major project I got a third or so of the way through and just dropped back in May…I’m probably going to have to start over, and probably going to force myself to learn Lightroom too (actually, if I ever want to go professional, that’s pretty much a requirement).

Liiiike check back in a week or so, maaaaaannnn…


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