Some Site News:

A few things:

  1. I would be taking my camera out to one of the parks but I’m probably going to scream if I shoot the Richmond VA area parks again, so expect night or urban photography until I’ve got a travel budget of some sort. Might do it anyway to stay in practice, but that’s doubtful, as I was just like “Maymont Park is beautiful! I could totally go to Maymont and shoot the Japanese Gardens for the 100th goddamn time- oh, wait, I’m not a masochist.”
  2. I am actually not going on a hiatus this time, but it might be a few more days til I post new things. Bit of legal cramming to do before I go take daylight photos of the streets and the strangers on the streets.
  3. As always, thank you all for stroking my ego via clicking “Like” or “Follow.”

That’s all. I’m not disappearing and I’m anxious to take more photos like right now but I have this unpleasant legal handbook to thumb through so it might be a few days before I do anything new…sorry…


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