Fine Art America Site Up

There are currently twenty-one prints available for sale; 2 in black and white, 1 in photo edit, 8 in night, and 10 in nature. I just built the site last night and have to convert files and upload them, which may happen before you know it.

I am debating purchasing additional space to upload additional photographs, but those are up now; mostly portfolio shots, to be honest.

You can visit my Fine Art America profile here.

Site Status

I’ve gone ahead and deleted the news feed and converted this to a static site, and I will be leaving it online while updating it unless I need to do a major overhaul. The next major move will be to set up a shop with Fine Art America, and possibly some more galleries. There’s no timeline for any of this as I’ve got to get an EIN and whatever else needs to be done to set up shop in VA, then I have to jump through special hoops to report earnings to Social Security.

I’m still sticking to the no new photography for a while, so the camera’s mothballed and don’t expect anything but my old stuff to show up indefinitely. Down the road when I’m back on my feet again I’ll resume taking photographs.